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Family Preservation
Greenbriar's Family Preservation Program helps parents provide stable, nurturing homes for their children. The goal is to prevent abuse, neglect and the breakdown of the family structure, which can lead to the removal of children from the home. Services include in-home family counseling, parent aide, referrals, family support group and a ten-week series of parenting classes, "The Nurturing Family."
Independent Living

The two Independent Living programs provide services for homeless youth, ages 18-24 and youth who have aged out of foster care, ages 18-21. Services are provided in off-campus apartments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Youth are provided life-skills training, academic support, job training and employment support, parent education for teen parents, and access to community resources. Additionally, the program provides aftercare servces for up to one year. These are the only such programs in Southeast Georgia for this population.

Early Childhood Education & Care

Our centers offer affordable, high quality care for children ages six months to five years, and include the Georgia Pre-Kindergarten program. After-school and summer care for elementary school students are also provided. Our centers use the High Scope Learning Method, which has proved effective in preparing children for success in school.

Residential Care
The Residential care provides a long-term supportive environment for children ages 12-17 who cannot remain in their homes due to family disruption caused by abuse, neglect, abandonment, or who have not adjusted to foster care. Up to 20 children at a time, 10 boys and 10 girls, live in cottages on campus under the care of house parents and clinical staff. Greenbriar provides a safe, stable environment and focuses on the individualized needs of each child. Participants receive tutorial assistance, individual and group counseling, recreational activities and life skills training.
Emergency Shelter
Greenbriar's Emergency Shelter serves infants and children through age 17 who are victims of neglect, abuse, abandonment, or who are runaways or homeless. The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days each year. Children are cared for in a safe, nurturing environment and are provided meals, health screenings, clothing, shelter, school transportation, tutorial assistance, recreational activities, individual and group counseling and follow up care.
This program provides services for youth ages 11-17 years of age who have run away or are homeless. Our emergency shelter provides a safe harbor for these youth. They receive food, shelter, health screenings, as well as group, family and individual counseling, case planning and after care services. The goal is to safely reunite the youth with their family if possible.
Project Safe Place

The problem of child abuse and neglect continues to plague our community. In 1996, Greenbriar established Project Safe Place, which focuses on the prevention of child abuse and neglect by partnering with local businesses to provided safe havens for children in need. We have established over 130 Safe Place sites including convenience stores, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, fire stations and recreational facilities. When a child seeks help at one of these sites, a trained volunteer or staff member responds immediately and offers services which may include emergency shelter, individual or family counseling, or other referrals as needed. The Safe Place Program also includes presentations at schools and community centers to educate children about child abuse prevention and available assistance.




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